Diamond Stealth Video 3400 support

Diamond Stealth Video 3400 support

Post by Bill Kem » Thu, 06 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I am having a go at getting my Diamond Stealth Video 3400 to produce a
image on my monitor and I have not been too successful.  While I can get
it to
'work' the quality of the display is lacking.  Has anyone gotten good
results with
this adapter?  It is a newer card and apparently the cooperation from
Diamond is
not too good.

My card has the S3 Vision968 chipset, IBM 524 RAMDAC, 24 bit true color.

I have a DEC 17" multi-synch monitor that supports a wide range of
refresh rates.

If somebody has a good XF86Config for this adapter, please post the
device, monitor,
and screen sections.

Bill Kemp


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Hello all!

I'm torn as to whether to get the Diamond Stealth Video
64 or #9 Imagine128.  Are both of these cards supported by
XFree86?  How much of a speed improvement is the Imagine128
over the Stealth64?  Are the Stealth card's graphics
`snappy' at 1280x1024 w/ 24 bit color (that is, if Xfree
supports 24 bit color at that res with that amount of RAM)?

Thanks in advance!

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