su and TRANS.TBL questions

su and TRANS.TBL questions

Post by jdm » Sun, 04 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I recently changed my default shell to csh, and now I can't su to root
anymore.  It wants a password even though I have never specified a
password for root.  Also, there is a message above the password prompt
saying something like "kerberos - root not part of ACL" or something
like that.  Is there any way I can clear this problem?

Also, when I try to run some of the games in the /usr/games directory
while logged in under my own username, it says "permission denied"
even though I made sure my user account was part of all groups
including "wheel", and all the the game programs have execute
permission set in all 3 parts of the attribute flags.  I can run some
of the games though, even though their attributes are identical to the
ones I can't, including being owned by root.

I looked in the TRANS.TBL file in that directory and I saw that all
the games that I can't run are listed in that file with a "dm" off to
the right of the filename.  The ones I can run do not have it.  What
is the purpose of this TRANS.TBL file, and how do I change it?  I
can't find anything about it in my FreeBSD book or the MAN pages.






Does anybody know how linux can use the TRANS.TBL-File located on some

It would be nice to use the translation of short -> long filenames.

-- Randolf
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