network security tool nmap not working?

network security tool nmap not working?

Post by Phani Gopal A » Tue, 22 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I have recently installed 3.2-RELEASE FreeBSD . Everything seems to work
fine. I came across this tool nmap which is supposed to help you secure
your network. I installed it only to realize it required bpf support. I
did this too but now when i try to do TCP syn scanning , it gives a
sendto error saying "No Buffer space available"
What does this imply?

1. FreeVeracity integrity-assessment network security tool.

FreeVeracity is a free integrity-assessment
network security tool for free platforms
(GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD etc) that
uses cryptographic hashes to detect unauthorized
changes in computer file systems. FreeVeracity
V3.2 is now available at:

In its client/server configuration, FreeVeracity
enables you to monitor the integrity of a whole
network of computers automatically from a single
point using FreeVeracity "snaplets". If so much as
a single bit in the monitored files changes, you
will be notified by email. This makes FreeVeracity
an excellent intrusion detection tool.

FreeVeracity is also an excellent general-purpose
data integrity tool whose applications include
backup verification, file transfer verification,
CD-ROM verification and remote file system

FreeVeracity is released under the Free World
Licence ( which
provides all the usual free-software freedoms, but
for free platforms only.

FreeVeracity is released and supported by Rocksoft
(, vendor of the Veracity
( integrity-assessment
security tool used to secure the networks of
leading global companies in finance,
communications, transport, aerospace, power
generation and defence.

You can download FreeVeracity and set up a
FreeVeracity integrity server (on IANA-allocated
FreeVeracity TCP port 1062) on a free platform
(GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD) in the next
thirty minutes by visiting the FreeVeracity
Website at:

I hope you find FreeVeracity useful. If you have
any comments or questions, please email me at


Rocksoft Limited
Veracity Software

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