FreeBSD Newbie Progress Day 4

FreeBSD Newbie Progress Day 4

Post by Totally Jayynes » Wed, 14 Nov 2001 07:54:50

Ugh.. utterly frusterated since yesterday, but I also hadn't read
several of your replies since I posted last yesterday.  Thanks so much
for the help and encouragement, everyone.  Great stuff and I think I
am learning a lot.  I guess I am just so used to the windows world
where you can go click on other things if what you are working on
isn't quite working... seems like you get more visual positive
re-enforcement with that system, even if you aren't accomplishing

Saving all of your replies for near future reference.  Went online
today and was able to track down

Introduction to FreeBSD:
A Complete Beginners Guide to FreeBSD

Well, it isn't quite 'complete' but it is the best thing I have found
so far.  Lots of good information and just a tad bit more explanation
fo why/how for the newbie.  I would post the link but I found it at
work and then printed it, link isn't on the pages I am looking at.

As far as getting an ftp server up and running, I might go the inetd
route... so will be trying to track info down on setting up a web
server (one of the sections that isn't complete in the guide).

Am also going to be a bit more patient, since the FreeBSD 4.4 book
should be arriving in the next couple of days.  Hopefully, that will
be a good handy guide.
Totally Jayynes


1. FreeBSD Newbie Progress Day 5 (Making Progress)

Ok, I think I am getting somewhere (YEAH).  First of all, I am doing
all of this editing via ssh across a LAN, still pretty proud of myself
on that one :)

First of all, I edited  /usr/home/jay/.cshrc

so that my default editor is now ee and so my prompt tells my what
directory I am in.  Then I edited /.cshrc

So that when I su'd to root, my defualt editor would stay ee and also
that my command prompt stayed the same.  Now that I look at the
'locate cshrc', though, I think I should have edited /root/.cshrc just
for root.  By making changes to /.cshrc did I set some global options
for all future users?  Just verified that is what I did, su'd to root,
then changed /root/.cshrc so the prompt reads ROOT now, so I know when
I am root or not.

Then I was reading through the (A
Comprehensive Guide to FreeBSD) and trying to follow along as I was
reading.  Opening up the config files and looking at the settings.
Well, when I  opened up /etc/inetd.conf I saw that ftp was commented
out.  Removed the #  and rebooted (have to learn how to start and stop
daemons, still).  After reboot, ran a netstat -Aan and saw that port
21 was listening, tried to ftp to my server... AND I COULD!!!!

Bad news is that when i did an ls, it showed me lots of files that I
probably don't want to have access to, or anyone else for that matter,
through ftp.  

A few people suggested using chroot, others said use Guest accounts.
Gotta figure out what to do next.  The sttructure I am looking for is
something like this.

/ftp (base directory when someone logs into my ftp

With other directories under those main directories... but the /ftp
being the root directory of the tree.
Totally Jayynes

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