Serial Ports+Getty

Serial Ports+Getty

Post by Richard Cale » Tue, 22 Oct 2002 19:32:00

This is probably just me being dim...

I have a laptop which I use as a firewall, it connects to a cable
modem and, by it's one serial port, to a modem.

For various reasons, I wanted a serial console for an OS upgrade. So,
as a stest, I plugged in my psion to the serial port and enabled it in
/etc/ttys, then kill -HUP 1. No problem.

Then I turned it off in /etc/ttys, HUPed init and plugged in the modem.

Unfortunatly, any attempt to connect to the modem (with cu or ppp)
then resulted in device busy errors (not certain of the exact wording,
I should have written it down).

I couldn't spot any processes which might be using the port.

In the end I rebooted ad so all is well,but I wonderd if anyone knew
what this was likely to have been.




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I cannot get the getty to work on my serial port on NetBSD/i386.
I try to do it quite the usual way, ie. enabling getty on one
of my serial ports in /etc/ttys like

tty00   "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600"   vt100 on secure

ps shows that a getty is indeed listening on my tty00 port. When
I connect a terminal to the port, NetBSD echoes everything back
that is typed on the terminal, but gives no login prompt. When
I shut down getty on the serial port (by disabling it in /etc/ttys,
hang-uping the init process, and killing the getty process), no
echoing occurs (naturally).

Any idea on what should be done to enable the getty? It isn't
the terminal that fouls up---I had tried with two different
(working) terminals. The problem clearly is on the NetBSD side.

I am running NetBSD 1.5 on a PC box. The same problem occurs also
on NetBSD 1.5 on a macppc, too.


Ossi Vaananen
Espoo, Finland

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