Diamond Sonic Impact S90

Diamond Sonic Impact S90

Post by Jon Erdma » Fri, 02 Apr 1999 04:00:00

anyone had any luck with this card?

i messed with it for about 2 hours and got nowhere :(

its been a few days, so i don't remember all the permutaions of my
attempts, but i do recall that pnp never detected it at all. i also had
trouble figuring out what irq/port settings to put it the kernel, since
this is one of those "multi-function adapters" that uses like 3
interrupts, 2 DMAs and 4 memory ranges (im only exaggerating a
little)...anyone know how to map the resources the card uses in WinBloze
to what FBSD needs? i pretty much tried every combination that made
sense, i think...besides, since its PNP, doesn't that mean that you can
tell it what you want it to use?

if not, has anyone had any luck with any other PCI 64bit cards, like
maybe the SB AWE64? do the settings in the kernel need to be different
for PCI devices as opposed to ISA?

life without sound sucks...it would be a shame if i couldn't get it
working, as it was only $19 and sounds great in both NT and 95.

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