APM problem with PAO kernel (using zzz)

APM problem with PAO kernel (using zzz)

Post by Gary Howlan » Fri, 30 Jan 1998 04:00:00


I'm running FreeBSD (what else?) 2.2.5 and using the PAO extensions on
my laptop.  I've noticed that the following causes an error:

        % apmconf -d
        % zzz
        [ grumbles about IOCTL failing ]
        % apmconf -e

and then the system spends ages writing to disk (the resume partition, I
hope!), and then displays the message "Cannot write to disk - disk full"
in white on a red background in the centre of the screen.

Otherwise resume works fine.

Any clues?

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1. ZZZ...kernel compile, Day 3...ZZZ

I started compiling my kernel 48 hours ago...and it's still going!
I'm running a '386/25 with 4MB, 85MB HD - I know, may as well be an
Apple ][ - but that's all I got.

Anyway, here's what I did -

make config - answered all the questions (some probably wrong)
make zImage
reboot - panic coming up, I wasn't suprised.....

I booted from a floppy, mounted the filesys on the HD to /mnt,
made the necessary links (in /etc/include or /usr/include or whatever)
I'm at work at the beast is at home, so I can't be sure about the
directory names I linked - but it's compiling! Boy is it ever....

So, I did:
make dep
make clean

and away it went. Is 48+ hours normal? The HD is about to spin out
the windows....I'll probably need to replace that poor little led, too.

I've built kernels for MVAX's, DECStations, SUN 3/60's, '486 SCO UNIX.
and IBM AIX, but never have I seen anything like this.

If this is normal fine - I can plan my vacation accordingly, but if
this is an obvious mistake, please spare my and my HD (and led).

Systems Programmer (hmm, maybe that's the problem....)
Vigo County School Corp.
Terre Haute, IN 47804

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