FreeBSD - WinNT networking Question

FreeBSD - WinNT networking Question

Post by _Ale » Sat, 16 Aug 1997 04:00:00

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Current setup:

WinNT WWW server connected to a FreeBSD NS via ethernet.  Multiple IP was configured on the NT box by assigning IP's to the network card and then mapped in iis3 - and an entry in the primary ns records on FreeBSD box.  

The NT box is about to be connected via PPP modem connection.

Question - how do I map the same IP's through the serial port?

thanks in advance,



1. WinNT question + Linux networking question

Hello everybody!
This first question isn't really a linux networking question but I thought
people working with linux prob know a lot about networking so anyways:

Ive read things on samba and i understand (hopefully) that it is a way to
let different computers share files and printers, particularly so for M$ Win
computers. But on my school computers, everyone has a different login name
and password for WinNT, and they log in from any computer connected to the
network and have their own private U: drive, and can use network resources,
whats that sort of networking called? is it possible to do that with linux?

My second question is what ill need to build a linux gateway + firewall.
Because I might be getting broadband internet (is ADSL the same thing?), i
want to setup a Linux gateway + firewall computer so my (future) home
network can all share that internet and also hide behind the firewall. Im
doing reading on how to get linux to do that, i just want to know for sure
what i need in terms of hardware. I think I'll need:
a computer with linux running (would a P200MMX do?), a NIC for that comp, a
network hub that connects the linux comp with the rest of the comps in my
house (theyr Win9x and WinXP and are currently not networked at all) and a
broadband modem for the linux comp. Would that work?

btw If you know any sites that has tutorials on these things please let me
know the URL, thanks in advance!

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