FreeBSD & IDE CD-ROM Compatibility

FreeBSD & IDE CD-ROM Compatibility

Post by Sridhar Krishna » Fri, 10 May 1996 04:00:00

I have been following the thread on Linux vs. FreeBSD and IDE CD Woes.  As
a potential customer of FreeBSD, this discussion worries me.

I would like to run FreeBSD on my Aptiva which uses IDE CD-ROM off the IDE
Controller (not from the sound-card). Is there a way to ensure the
compatibility of FreeBSD ahead of purchase ?


Sridhar Krishnan


1. linux, Mitsumi CD-ROM (& SB), & the TA CD-ROM - solved!


As I posted recently, I got the TA CD-ROM, and found that the setup kernel
recognized the CD drive, but the installed one didn't. I had trouble with
the recompile, as well.

The answer is:
    in (I think it's) /etc/include/linux/drivers/blocks, there are *two*
        makefiles. One is named Makefile, the other Makefile.orig. When
        I diffed them, I discovered Makefile.orig *had* conditions for
        compiling the Mitsumi driver, the Soundblaster driver, and one
        other driver, and Makefile *didn't*. I renamed both, and reran
        the compile. No problems, using lilo (after the usual moving &
        /etc/lilo/install) I boot off my hard drive, I can mount the
        CD ROM, etc.

I am emailing TA this, as well.


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