2.2.1 Release CD and updating via CTM?

2.2.1 Release CD and updating via CTM?

Post by Graham Menhenni » Thu, 01 May 1997 04:00:00

I just received my 2.2.1 CDROM and installed it. I would like to keep
up to date with the sources via CTM.

I am trying to follow the instructions in the "src-2.2-ctm-readme"
file that I obtained from ftp.freebsd.org. I have the following

- The file seems to contradict itself. It says:
                 For the 2.2.0 RELEASE
                   echo "src-2.2 210" >src/.ctm_status
        *****   For the 2.2.1 RELEASE
                   echo "src-2.2 217" >src/.ctm_status
but then says
        *****   For 2.2.1 RELEASE, you will start with src-2.2.0210.gz
Surely that should be "src-2.2.0217.gz"

- Shouldn't you start with the update AFTER the last one applied i.e.
src-2.2.0218.gz instead of 217. (Not that it will matter as CTM will
ignore 217 anyway).

- No matter whether I start with update 210, 211, 217, or 218, (after
setting the update number in .ctm_status accordingly) I get an "md5

Can anybody please tell me what I'm doing wrong.



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I've got the 2.2.6-RELEASE CD and I was looking at CTM to try and keep
current (keep stable?!?)

What I couldn't fathom or find is what is the first delta I need post
the CD-ROM.  The only "baseline" delta I coud find was
src-2.2.0600xEmpty.gz but that was dated Jan 30 which (AFAIK) is way
before the CD was frozen.  If I understand the handbook right I should
be looking for src-2.2.nnnnxR226.gz then starting from nnnn+1 but I
can't find it.

Or am I totally up the spout?
Gregory Bond                            ITG Australia Ltd, Melbourne, Australia

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