Upgrading to FBSD3.4: chflags problems?

Upgrading to FBSD3.4: chflags problems?

Post by Warren Toom » Thu, 09 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I know that 3.4 will be out this month. I have a server running 3.3 at
securelevel 2, and I'm thinking of doing a chflags sunlnk schg on
all the static files (/bin, /sbin, /usr/bin, etc etc.)

When I use the binary upgrade procedure in 3.4, will having `sunlnk schg'
files prevent the upgrade from going successfully? I.e will the kernel
on the 3.4 boot floppy ignore these flags?

Many thanks for any advice on this!


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It is the exact same config...

I looked into it a little further:

booting the FBSD 3.3R system in single user mode and running rc5des ->

Copying a FBSD 3.2 generic kernel from the 3.2 CD into the / of the 3.3R
installation, booting single user with that kernel and running rc5des ->

So by only changing the kernel, I have a 25% difference in performance.
Running truss on rc5des shows it calls gettimeofday() a couple of
times/sec, and sometimes getpriority()/setpriority(), and that's about it.

The only possibly relevant changes I could find at the kernel level are
related to the scheduler, no changes in the cpu initialisation it seems.
But how come then that there's such a big difference even in single-user
mode ?


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