how to force kernel (install CD) to find IDE/ATAPI/sec/master CDROM

how to force kernel (install CD) to find IDE/ATAPI/sec/master CDROM

Post by Phil Howa » Fri, 21 May 1999 04:00:00

The kernel doesn't find the IDE/ATAPI/sec/master CDROM.
Is there a way to force this in the kernel that comes
on the installation CDROM?

Yes, the hardware is working fine.

Phil Howard           KA9WGN


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I use a toshiba IDE ATAPI(i think) cdrom. I think that some time
ago I installed Linux and the same thing (exept now i have a third HDD)
worked fine.
I compiled the kernel with all neccesary options (iso9660, ATAPI (no
When I use mount /dev/hdd /mnt -t iso9660 (hdd, hda, cdrom), I get the
message: not remembered as block device.

Please help!


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