2nd CDROM problem solved - MAKEDEV problem on 3.3

2nd CDROM problem solved - MAKEDEV problem on 3.3

Post by Dennis Newt » Wed, 01 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Thanks to those who replied.  I discovered that MAKEDEV in 3.3-release didn't
create the CD1 devices correclty.  Our server is still running 2.7 so I
tried "MAKEDEV cd1" there, got the major/minor numbers and did a series of
mknod commands on the 3.3 box. Now all works just fine.

I haven't had time yet to figure out why MAKEDEV on 3.3 doesn't do what it
should.  It just exits quietly with no complaints and no special files.



1. R5 install from a home burnt CDROM : the problems I solved


I burnt an ISO9660 CD with the LinuxPPC 1999 files downloaded from a PC.
I write here the problems I managed to solve, because I think it may be
usefull to others...

I installed via the X-installer (so I had to expand the live.filesystem on
to my harddisk).
There seems to be a BUG in the X-installer, since it assumes that the place
where is the live.filesystem IS the cdrom, which is wrong in my case. So
/dev/hda is mounted on /mnt/cdrom, and it is impossible to umount it (my
harddisk is of course always said to be busy).

The problem is that the installer searches for packages on /mnt/cdrom (if
the method chosen is cdrom) which points to my first harddisk partition
instead of the cdrom. The trick I used was to mount the cdrom somewhere else
on /mnt/cdrom2 for instance, and choose a local install giving the
/mnt/cdrom2 path.
The second problem is that the cd was then mounted as ISO9660 but all in
lower case, so the installer didn't recognised the RedHat folder (because
there was "redhat" instead). I had to specify the no rockridge option in
order to have Caps.

To sum up, if you see that no packages are found from the CDROM, do the
following :
-when the X-installer has booted, and once you have chosen and formated your
partitions, open a Xterminal window and type
"mkdir /mnt/cdrom2", then "mount -t iso9960 -o norock -o map=o /dev/hdc
- choose method "Local" and give the path /mnt/cdrom2
- voila !

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