full duplex using de de driver

full duplex using de de driver

Post by Tim Burges » Sat, 07 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I have a FreeBSD system running 2.1-STABLE.

The system is using a 4 port 10/100BT net
adapter (de1, de2, de3 & de4).

I want to run one of the adapter ports
into a full-duplex 10Mbit switch port.
It is currently running in half-duplex.

The online manual at www.freeBSD.org doesn't
list the de driver as supported under 2.1
It is only listed in later versions and
is supposedly configured with the ifconfig
 -m option.

2.1 doesn't support ifconfig -m, although it
does list various 'flags' for each interface.
One of the flags is SIMPLEX (i.e. half-duplex)

How do I set one port on the de adapter to

Thanks in advance,
Tim Burgess