Kern trap 9 when installing frebsd 4.6 on a 486 (non bootable cdrom)

Kern trap 9 when installing frebsd 4.6 on a 486 (non bootable cdrom)

Post by rob merri » Sun, 20 Apr 2003 03:33:39


I have made kern and mfsroot floppies and booted with them mfsroot reports

Fatal Trap 9: General protection fault while in kernal mode

any ideas?


1. Can 4.6 RELEASE CDROM install 4.6 STABLE

A fairly naive question.  I have the 4.6 RELEASE CDROM set and just
wondered if there is a way to use its install GUI to install 4.6
STABLE by using the remote ftp source option.  I would just try it and
see what happens but the machines to be updated are in England and I
am in the US so I will have to coach another person in how to do this
over the phone.  I need to build a new system with 4.6 STABLE (for the
libc bug fix) and get it to the point where I can telnet to it.  Any
thoughts on the upgrade path that would be most 'coachable' would be
GREATLY appreciated.

Charlie Reese

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