Machine keeps crashing

Machine keeps crashing

Post by Sean LeBlan » Wed, 30 Oct 2002 08:44:37

I recently put FreeBSD 4.7 on a machine...I wiped the machine (running
Linux Redhat 6.1 before) because I wanted to run FreeBSD on it. This
machine was also exhibiting a really weird networking problem (it
could ping all other machines on the network but one - those two
machine could not see each other - all same subnet mask,etc - weird) I
could not pin down when I was running RH. Now I'm just wondering if
the hardware is somehow going bad...

Here are the symptoms. Hardware is the same as when I ran RH, except I
took extra NIC out (it used to be a firewall). No longer any
networking problem, but there is a problem where it just
crashes. Hard. I can't ssh to it or ping it all of a sudden after many
hours of uptime, and when I go to the console, it has vertical lines
running from top to bottom of screen. I can't see anything for the
time of the crash in /var/log/messages, either.

It's a Compaq Deskpro Pentium I, FWIW. What I use it for is squid
w/squidGuard as well as pdnsd...nothing else.


Sean LeBlanc


Machine keeps crashing

Post by Simon Barne » Wed, 30 Oct 2002 18:29:47

Hello Sean,


Quote:> Now I'm just wondering if
> the hardware is somehow going bad...


Did you have a look at

/usr/ports/sysutils/memtest and

(or similar tools).

Maybe it's really your hardware's fault.



1. dual processor machine keeps crashing


I'm running a dual P2 - 233 MHZ processor Linux server with Slackware 3.4
(Kernel 2.0.33 complied for SMP).

Here are some specs about the server
2 -  233 MHZ Pentium 2 processors
Asus P2L97-DS Motherboard (USB and Power saving features turned off)
Using Scsi adapter on the board controlling 2 Seagate Barracuda ULTRA WIDE
128 MB of DRAM
3com 905 Network Card (0.49 drivers)
Generic Trident svga card

After a period of time the server just crashes, this can be after one day
or after 14 days. When it crashes the screen turns black and the server
shows no sign of live, the Keyboard does not respond neither can you ping
the server. There are no indications on why the server crashes... (no
entries in the logs !!!).
The Power lights on the machine are still on when it crashes and the drives
are still spinning. The only way to get this machine back to live is by
turning it's power off and back on. I called Asus to find out if there may
be a problem with the settings but everything seemed to be fine, so they
told me to replace the board which I did but the machine keeps crashing.
And yes I do have the following statement in the Lilo.conf file mem=127
(total size of memory - 1MB). I even got the newest scsi drivers for the on
board 2940 adaptec. I'm running out of ideas...
Should I try a different kernel, lets say 2.1.90 ?
Is there much improvement in terms of SMP in the 2.1.xx kernels ?
Does anybody think this is caused by the kernel ?


Jorg B.

Ps. We are running about 11 "single processor" linux servers with the same
hardware , except the board is different - none of these servers ever

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