Restricting Simultaneous Host Accesses?

Restricting Simultaneous Host Accesses?

Post by glob.. » Thu, 20 May 1999 04:00:00

Hi All,

I really need help from you folks in this forum. I'm having a problem
with too many simultaneous accesses from individual remote hosts to my
server. I want to limit the number of simultaneous accesses from remote
hosts to my server to some amount e.g. 10 requests from IP
(however the rule must apply to all remote host) that can be served at
any one point in time.

The problem is when a host sends a few hundred requests at the same time
my server gets bogged down.  I would check the logs and block this host
but I prefer to restrict all hosts to a reasonable number of
simultaneous requests, this way they can continue accessing my server
without it being swamped.

I would appreciate any suggestions.


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