Freebsd running on Toshiba Satellite 110CS

Freebsd running on Toshiba Satellite 110CS

Post by Jason Wilke » Fri, 29 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Hi Folks,

        Is anybody out there running freebsd on a Toshiba Satellite 110CS notebook ?

        Does it work ?


p.s do you recommend a PCMCIA fax/network card to go with it


1. Linux on Toshiba Satellite 110CS

I have reviewed the documentation available on how to install RedHat
5.2 Linux on the Toshiba Satellite 110CS and, not being a 'C'
programmer or Linux guru, don't have a clue what they are talking
about.  Can anyone explain exactly how to do this ?  It appears that
some special work has to be done when I first start the installation
process.  I will be installing from a parallel port CD device
(backpack) which, I have read, will work,... probably.  Please respond
either in group or by email.

I realize this may not be a very simple request to respond to so I
really appreciate your efforts if you choose to help me.  I have
completed two installation on two desktops so I do understand the

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