Anbody doing UDF?

Anbody doing UDF?

Post by Andrew E. Milesk » Thu, 24 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I've been toying with a UDF filesystem for Linux, and I came
across page 78 of the 1.50 spec:
  OS Class/Identifier
    4/5 Linux
    4/6 MKLinux
    4/7 FreeBSD
Since I don't want to re-invent the wheel, PLEASE let me
know if there are people aready working on UDF for any
of the above OSes.


P.S. I posted to linux-kernel a while ago, and didn't get
     any indication of another development effort.



1. Mounting DirectCD 3.0 Media (ISO 9660/UDF) / UDF write support


Does anybody know whether it's possible to mount a DirectCD 3.0 medium
on Linux and if yes, how? A DirectCD 3.0 medium contains a single
session with a single track but two filesystems. An ISO 9660 fs that
contains an UDF reader for Win32 and an UDF fs with actual data. If I
mount such a CD on Linux I see the ISO fs only, which is completely
useless. On Windows you can see the ISO filesystem only when there's no
UDF reader installed. As soon as you install the UDF reader on the ISO
fs, you can see the UDF fs but no longer the ISO fs. Other CD Writer
applications like Nero correctly detect two filesystems on such a
medium, so I assume this is some standard. I use Kernel version 2.2.17
and UDF version

Do the kernel versions 2.4.x support writing to a mounted CD-RW with UDF

(like DirectCD on Windows)? The documentation of the UDF driver says
that this is not possible for 2.2.x versions because of a kernel
limitation. I can of course write to a UDF fs using a loop device and
then burn the image on a CD-RW. But this way I loose the advantages of

Thanks in advance

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