Why ``ftp: connect: no route to host'' message?????

Why ``ftp: connect: no route to host'' message?????

Post by Bob Ke » Wed, 02 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I get an ftp connect message ``no route to host'', yet I know the
ftp is working fine and the route is there.  Anyone know why?

The ftp session will not work when that comes up, yet ping works fine,
and ftp to the local network boxes works fine.  AND, all my other boxes
ftp fine all over the place from the same local network, so the network
is fine.

This is version 2.2.2 FreeBSD.

I also get a strange route to (ALL-ROUTERS.MCAST.NET) when
the machine boots, as an addenda route after my normal route.
Anyone know why?  Either my machine has been had or something in the
rc files needs twiddling, but I don't see anything out of the ordinary
there.  Strange.

Any pointers appreciated.


Bob Keys {rdkeys zat unity dottie ncsu dottie edu}


1. fetchmail: 'no route to host'. Why ?

I still receive this error message, although I use the same
files that worked in RedHat (now in Debian - not):


Can I have a better diagnosing tool, than the fetchmail's
'-v' option ?  (which gives only the above message...)

I can include the files, if the list-readers don't mind
(for better understanding...).

I use PPP for net-connection, which works, I receive my
IP-number from the ISP.

Any ideas what to test or modify ?

I'm open to anything that brings light to darkness...
Mihaly Gyulai


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