amanda keeps crashing my 2.2.5 machine

amanda keeps crashing my 2.2.5 machine

Post by Mikhail Teter » Fri, 26 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Hello! About every second time I run amanda on our 2.2.5 server
the whole machine crashes... It hangs for a few seconds and then
reboots... The scsi-s are as follows:

        Adaptec-2940 (BIOS 1.23) with three Barracudas and a CDROM
        Adaptec-2940 (BIOS 1.11) with Exabyte-8200 -- external

I reported this already, and received a suggestion to replace the
external SCSI cable. Well, I've done that, and even put the tape
onto a separate SCSI-bus. The tape is rather old and it is possible
it is misbehaving, but why would that crash the whole system, if
the system disks (with swap, mounted partitions) are on a separate

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