Gigabit ethernet

Gigabit ethernet

Post by bbo.. » Wed, 29 Nov 2000 04:00:00

Hi All,

Does anybody have any suggestions.

What O/S versions support it?

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Gigabit ethernet

Post by Nero Imhar » Wed, 29 Nov 2000 04:00:00

> What O/S versions support it?


From the 4.2-RELEASE cd:

Quote:> Alteon Networks PCI gigabit ethernet NICs based on the Tigon 1 and Tigon 2
> chipsets, including the following:
>   Alteon AceNIC (Tigon 1 and 2)
>   Alteon AceNIC 1000baseT (Tigon 2)
>   3Com 3c985-SX (Tigon 1 and 2)
>   Netgear GA620 (Tigon 2)
>   Netgear GA620T (Tigon 2, 1000baseT)
>   Silicon Graphics Gigabit Ethernet
>   DEC/Compaq EtherWORKS 1000
>   NEC Gigabit Ethernet
>   Farallon PN9000SX


1. Is jumbo ethernet MTU possible with Hamachi Gigabit ethernet driver?

I'm trying to get some Gigabit ethernet cards that use the Packet
Engines Hamachi GNIC-II chip to use a large mtu to attempt to get a
throughput of close to the 1Gb rating of the card.  This is on a Compact
PCI Alpha system.  I'm trying to use an MTU in the 8000 to 9000 range
and so far have not been able to get these MTUs to work.

I have changed the PKT_BUF_SZ and MAX_FRAME_SIZE constants in hamachi.c
and ETH_DATA_LEN and ETH_FRAME_LEN in if_ether.h.  I can use ifconfig to
change the MTU above 1500 on one side of a connection but as soon as I
raise the MTU on both sides to greater than 1500 the link dies.  I can
change the MTU with ifconfig back to 1500 and the link will resume
operation.  We are currently somewhat married to the 2.2.14 kernel.

I read that some ethernet drivers will support jumbo MTUs.  There
appears to be something in the hamachi driver or the kernel that I've
missed.  Perhaps this only works with a later version kernel or the
hamachi driver needs more changes?  Any help would be appreciated.

John Weidman

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