Can't install linux_base or packages.rpm not found.

Can't install linux_base or packages.rpm not found.

Post by sam wu » Sun, 24 Dec 2000 11:37:42


I tried to install linux_base in 4.2 stable, but it said that "pakage
setup-2.1.8-1 (which is newer than setup-2.0.5-1) is already installed".
I don't know how to remove the setup-2.1.8-1.
I used rpm --erase setup-2.1.8-1, but it comlained that
/var/lib/rpm/packages.rpm is not found.

Does anyone know how to make this works?



1. rpm: not found 'packages.rpm'

I run Slackware, and I need to be able to run rpm to install rpm
packages (duh). un-tarzipped the distribution package i got from the
sunsite site, and now when i do

rpm -i apcahe-blah-blah

it says:

# rpm -i ghostview-1.5-6.i386.rpm
failed to open //var/lib/rpm/packages.rpm

error: cannot open /var/lib/rpm//packages.rpm


what is wrong?

the howto's dont have much help for idiots.


thank you.

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