Post by Robert Soe » Tue, 14 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Thanks everybody for giving me clues about the making of a popserver.
Al the post I received where giving me the same clue.
So I changed:
#LDADD+= -lcrypt -lndbm
 LDADD+= -lcrypt
in the make.44bsd file and it workt.
I took away the -Indbm because that did not work either.

But I have a full working popserver now.


PS, Is it possible to use the BSF machine as a gateway on a network and use
only one ip number?
All machines using the gateway are having the same ip number?


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I'm running pop3 on an isp's server and have noticed some odd behavior
when it gets a little busy, specifically that users trying to log in
and get their mail are defined.  I've traced this down (I believe) to
sockets which are opened by popper and seemingly never close.  These
sockets hang in FIN_WAIT2 long after the user has retrieved his/her
mail and logged off, and as the timer does not run in this state
(should it?), they are never shut down by the kernel.

Unfortunately, I can't trace the sequence which causes the socket to
be left in this state.

Any ideas?

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