Installing Freebsd...HELP!

Installing Freebsd...HELP!

Post by sinistr » Wed, 24 Jan 2001 06:20:26

Hello, y'all....

On Sunday  I tried to install FreeBSD via FTP...I used the entire disk (no
probs, got to get rid of Windoze).

Everything went fine...Configured my Kernel a little bit (to be sure it
downloads well). Then went to network configuration. It was trying to find
my DHCP server (I have a cablemodem with a 3Com Ethernetcard, no problem to
configure it). Everything fine, gateway OK, IP adress OK, DHCP server
OK...Everything OK...

Chose my FTP server and it started downloading all the files....No problem,
I was using FReeBSD within seconds (well, actually, minutes)

I then reinstalled Windows (didn't know how to surf with FReeBSD) , because
I'm an absolute newbie in Unix based system and tried to learn more about
the commands and everything...So, I learned a little bit more....

Next day (Monday) I installed FreeBSD again, but with a premade partition
(that's: Partition for Windows and a partition for FreeBSD)

No problem...Configured kernel the same ( I think), got the network
configuration. It asked again: Do you want to update DHCP server..I typed

Same gateway, DNS server, IP adress appears and continue

Then the installation prog says: Cant' find Are you sure
gateway etc is properly installed?

Then I tried it with committing the whole harddisk again(to FreeBSD)....I
got the same shit like that....Reinstalled Windows ('98), configured my
network card...NO problem!!!!

Tried to install FreeBSD again, since my networkcard seems to work...

Did the whole sh* again...It still didn't work....

What am I doin wrong here...Anybody has a clue?

Thanks in advance,



1. HELP: Installing FreeBSD from DOS partition -- Installer can't find the install files

From the INSTALL.TXT file:
1.3     Installing from a DOS partition
---     -------------------------------

To prepare for installation from an MS-DOS partition you should simply
copy the files from the distribution into a directory called
"FREEBSD".  For example, to do a minimal installation of FreeBSD from
DOS using files copied from the CDROM, you might do something like

        C> MD C:\FREEBSD

Assuming that `C:' was where you had free space and `E:' was where
your CD was mounted.

For as many `DISTS' as you wish to install from DOS (and you have free
space for), install each one in a directory under `C:\FREEBSD' - the
BIN dist is only the minimal requirement.


... In other words, it doesn't just use C:\FREEBSD as an arbitrary name
in that example, it really looks there and only there! :-)

- Jordan Hubbard
  Co-founder/Release Manager, The FreeBSD Project
  Walnut Creek CDROM

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