Post by dave » Thu, 26 Jun 2003 23:17:47

    I'm trying to get the above working under FreeBSD 5.1. When i install
the above packages i get qmail installed as well. I believe it is coming
from the vpopmail port. I do not see a way of not including this, does
anyone have a site or a procedure for getting postfix, vpopmail, and
courier-imap working without involving qmail?

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Hi All,

    My Linux Box are installed qmail 1.03  and vpopmail 4.90,
I created one default domain and one virtual Domain,
everything is ok. Now I want to install Courier-IMAP 1.3.10,
But when i compile the Courier from nomal user, I am use
./configure with option --enable-unicode --without-ipv6 ,
after complete, I run make, but While a moment, it show
the error message as below:

authvchkpw.c: In function `auth_vchkpw_changepass':
authvchkpw.c:142:warning:assigment from Incompatible pointer type
authvchkpw:c:151:dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
authvchkpw:c:151:dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
make[1]:***[authvchkpw.o] error1
make[1]:Leaving directory '/tmp/courier-imap-1.3.10/authlib'
make:***[all-recursive] error1

I don't know what is mean! Anyone can call tell me what is wrong!
Thank's !

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