disklabel editor

disklabel editor

Post by donol » Sun, 29 Mar 1998 04:00:00

disk:wd0  partition name: wd0s3   free: 604800 blocks  (295MB)

part          mount        size newfs           part     mount
size newfs
-----          --------          -------------            ------     -------
-             -------------
wd0s1    <none>     1328MB DOS

When I enter command A which is auto defaults for all I get a message saying
Unable to create root partition.  Too big?  If I enter command C it prompts
me to make a partion and asks FS or Swap and then a mount point but never
lets me make it.  I get the same message for /usr or /var or swap.  If I try
to make a / file then the message says that the root partition cannot be
made in that location.  Make the size smaller or put it in another location.
What did I do wrong?


1. How to tell the disklabel editor in which partition to create new slices ?


I want to install two versions of freebsd on the same hard disk.  I have
one version on ad0s3.

Now I want to install another one on ad0s1.  I use the installation disks
of FreeBSD 5.0 rc2.

When entering the disklabel editor, how do I tell it to keep the
partitions of ad0s3, and create new ones in ad0s1 ? Because when I create
new partitions automatically or manual, it also puts partitions in ad0s3.

Thank you for your time,

Is er leven zonder Microsoft ?

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