Some questions / problems with FreeBSD

Some questions / problems with FreeBSD

Post by Jacques Bourdea » Sun, 09 Sep 2001 02:44:36


I wish to use FreeBSD as firewall and server for my small network.
Here is some of my questions / problems :

--DHCP Client
It just don't work over my 3com905 (xl0 or xl1) but do over a strange
and usually poor NIC form Spider Communication ( _NEVER_ use
these cards ! they are cursed ! ) In fact, FreeBSD is the first to
this card ( recognized as lnc1 by the kernel ). This card is a 10 MBits
and I would like to use my 100MBit instead.  Doing

Quote:>dhclient xl0

just wait long long time and finally do not set any thing.
Can I use my 3com card in another way than static IP address ? How ?

I wisht to use IP Filter for packet filtering, proxys and NAT. I did
the kernel and /etc/ipf.rules for that and it works fine. I would like
to upgrade
to the latest IP FIlter release ( .16 in FreeBSD 4.3 ; .20 is available
and .16
have a bug which bypass filtering rules...) but I'm just unable...

After opening the tarball, I can not patch the kernel for the new
Patch said diff files are in a version he don't know.

Also, config do not accept a kernel config file with the option

At the end, I can not add IP Filter neither as kernel part nor as
What should I do for upograding it ?

My ISP, like all others, use DHCP. When dhclient connect and receive its

IP settings, it flush /etc/resolv.conf and create a new one from ISP's
DHCP infos. I need to use my own DNS server which run on this FreeBSD.
How can I prevent dhclient to change my resolv.conf ? Just removing
the write permission is not enough. DHCLIENT use it's root's privilege
to overwrite resolv.conf, write permission or not.

--Just for fun
My P-90 have a built-in NIC that Windows found as a Compaq NetFlex-2
TR card. I do not plan to use Token Ring, but just would like to know if

FreeBSD is able to manage it or not. Just in case for future plans...

Thanks for your help

Jacques Bourdeau


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Okay, I tried version 4.3, but I could not add the iptables module.  Version
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