Upgrade via sysinstall within 4.7 stable

Upgrade via sysinstall within 4.7 stable

Post by Jochen Gensc » Mon, 24 Mar 2003 09:21:18


I just tried to upgrade my FreeBSD 4.7-Release #6 to 4.7 #9,
because of the security problems in openssl.
So I started /stand/sysinstall and chose upgrade. And my "minimal" distribution was
updated. Now at booting the system wasnt able to find the new standard kernel and used my old one.
So "dmesg | grep BSD" showed me that 4.7 Version 6 was still runing.
I thought, ok, thats only because this information was compiled into the kernel from the old src.
But the rest of the system is indeed up to date. But where do I get an information from which
version for exmaple my
"bin" packet is from which I just updated via sysinstall?
The next step was to update the kernel sources via cvsup and recompile it.
After installing my new kernel dmesg told me that Im using 4.8 RC1.
But in the config file of cvsup I entere RELENG_4 which should download the most
up to date sources of 4.x stable and not a RC / Release candiate which might not be stable.
So why do I have sources form 4.8 RC1 and from which distribution are the packages I upgraded via

I would be very happy if someone could give my an explanation on this whole FreeBSD updating
"problem" ....

Regards, Jochen