newbie, bootmngr wont install during installation

newbie, bootmngr wont install during installation

Post by The Good Gu » Sun, 25 Apr 1999 04:00:00

 I've been having quite an ordeal trying to get FreeBSD to install! It
simply will NOT install the boot manager! It asks wether or not i want
to install it on the wd2 after I reserve a spot for FreeBSD. What should
I do? I tried saying yes and then performing the operation on wd0 and
ive tried every combination i could think of but it usually asks me
twice. The second time i MUST choose WD2 otherwise it wont let me mount
FBSD partitions on that drive, it will attempt to use wd0. This is such
a hassle, anything I can do? Any way to make a boot floppy a la RedHat


Bart Trzynadlowski


1. RH5.2 wont get past the initial boot prompt during installation

I am having trouble installing redhat linux 5.2  It will boot initially from
either cdrom directly / or from floppy but when it gets to the boot: prompt
and I press enter it starts to boot the kernel but then a bunch of words
flash by and it restarts my machine then starts all over from the
beginning(it will do this over and over) it does this when I type in
"expert" also. It seems to be an error message but it goes by too fast to
read. .I am running an amd k6 200mmx with 32M ram(EDO SIMM) on a M5ATA super
tx motherboard.
two hard drives a western digital caviar 6.4(master) and a seagate medalist
2.1(slave) Award modular bios version 4.51 and win95(OSR2)(Fat32) I have
tried totally reformatting both drives fat16, changing cmos settings such as
turning off cpu cache, udma,APM and so on it does the same thing.The only
thing that I can pick up when this happens is something about PCI but I cant
tell what.I am interested in trying linux but cant seem to get off the
ground.any help would be greatly appreciated.
                                                  James Vaughn

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