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i am using mozilla-1.1,1.

if i select a gtk-theme with gtk-theme-switch-1.0.1_1 it will work with
all my gtk programs (sylpheed, pan, gqview, ...) but mozilla. mozilla
seems not to understand my gtk theme and will make all buttons white. is
there maybe something i might have 4gotten?

FYI, the following package is installed:

that might be a freebsd specific thing because mozilla under debian does
work perfect with that gtk-theme.

thanks in advance


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Must I do more than install gtk12 from the ports to be able to install
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I realize that this relates to what a program is attempting, but my
question gtk12 fully functional or is it part of a suite that
must be installed to provide "typical" gtk functionality ?

I'm getting a gtk related error on Netscape install attempt........

        Gtk-CRITICAL     **: FILE GTKWIDGET.C: LINE 1510
        (gtk_widget_hide): assertion `widget != NULL' failed.
        Segmentation fault - core dumped.


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