intel D815EEAL sound ?

intel D815EEAL sound ?

Post by Dima » Sun, 25 Feb 2001 06:11:31


I can't get  My 4.2 STABLE to recognize built-in CreativeLabs ES1373 digital
controller with Crystal Semiconductor CS4297 codec.
PNP_BIOS, pcm are enabled in Kernel, PnP is enabled in BIOS.

Any ideas/links/hints are so much appreciated!



1. Redhat support for Intel D815EEAL Motherboard?

We are trying to configure a Intel D815EEAL i815e-chipset based
motherboard to work with Redhat Linux 7.0.  Any tips on how to do this
are welcome.  We have downloaded drivers from Intel's site and can get
them to work by manually configuring after bootup.  But we need to get
things configured so they are properly configured during bootup.

Thanks in advance.

David Lees

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