Powering up/down SCSI devices on a live FreeBSD 3.4

Powering up/down SCSI devices on a live FreeBSD 3.4

Post by Olaf Wagne » Tue, 22 Feb 2000 04:00:00

> I would like to add/remove external scsi devices to my FreeBSD 3.3 on
> the fly - without a reboot.
> The major idea is to have the CD-R and/or DAT sitting on the FreeBSD
> box, but it should be possible to remove it and use it another
> machine/location without rebooting the server.
> No doubt the ordinary disks would be rather surpriced when the
> termination suddenly disappears for a few seconds - so i've decided to
> add an additional scsi ctrl to the system to circumvent that.
> If this was a NetWare 41x server i would write "scan for new devices"
> after adding and powering up the scsi units. What does one do on a
> FreeBSD box ?

     camcontrol rescan <bus[:target:lun]>


    man camcontrol

Quote:> I've considered the idea of using a "loadable module" for that
> particular scsi controller - because i guess that the identfication
> and "binding of devices" would be done by the module. But !! Is this
> true ? or can modules only be loaded and unloaded at particular times
> - such as on-boot or after going single user ??

It doesn't matter if your driver resides in an external kernel module
or not. Modules can (theoretically) be loaded and unloaded any time,

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