Rant, help needed, *problems* Grrr. Plea!

Rant, help needed, *problems* Grrr. Plea!

Post by Conrad Sabati » Sun, 13 Feb 2000 04:00:00


>x86 architecture

>    0 Seagate 4.5 (4.0 usable) DOS 7 - Windows 98
>    1 Seagate 4.5 (4.0 usable) BSD 3.x
>    2 Seagate 1.x (1.0 usable) Data only
>    3 Panasonic PD/CD
>    4 Toshiba CD
>    5 Yamaha CD/CD-R/CD-RW
>    6 HP 35480A DDS
>    7 AHA-2940

>All three CD's will boot.


>The install routine will eventually allow installation to
>drive 1, and boot manager to drive 0, but it takes a lot of
>work.  And it is far from intuitive.

I agree with this.  It's a little confusing installing the boot manager.

Quote:>It appears that were I installing to separate partitions on
>drive 0, this would all be much easier.  

>I am not.


>Whether using a canned install, or pick and choose, the
>installation provides erc's on a.out.

>Dependencies must be resolved!


No idea what "erc's on a.out" is supposed to mean.

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>I *do* have it installed.....


>A behavior I do not care for:

>If CD's are added to /etc/fstab as 'auto', boot essentially
>fails.  Does it boot?  Yep.  And never prompts for a
>password. (No, there are no CD's in at boot time., if just
>defaults to a command prompt.)


>I have been used to an 'auto' entry being dealt thusly:

>If present:
>    mount appropriate (ro, 9660, whatever)
>    skip

>Why is it different here (FreeBSD)?  What portion of clue do
>I miss?

You should set any CD mounts in /etc/fstab to "noauto", in case
there's no CD in the drive at boot time.

Quote:>Also, what is syntax for mounting a CDROM? The (common?)
>variants I have tried do not work.  :(  (-ro, -t 9660, -t

mount -t cd9660 <other options> <dev> <mountpoint>

Or, if you have an entry in /etc/fstab, it's as simple as:

mount /cdrom

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>Well, for the moment.  :)

>I loved Norton Commander in DOS.

>I use Midnight Commander to set up systems in free *nix's.

>The install scripts will not see it, because it is a newer
>version, and a .tgz instead of a .tar.gz.

>But I need this!

>I have tried using the other version, (Type matches, but
>then it fails on work directory.) I have done the
>NO_CHECKSUM=yes, but it wants to be patched|massaged in some
>way, and still fails because that is version dependant.


I assume you're trying to install via the ports collection?
Apparently, your local ports collection is out of date (at
least as far as this particular package is concerned).

Install the cvsup-bin port, do a "make update" in /usr/ports
(set the name of the ports supfile in /etc/make.conf), and
try it again.

Or are you trying to install this by hand?  If so, why?
Conrad Sabatier
ICQ# 1147270


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