dhcp + samba

dhcp + samba

Post by Chri » Fri, 29 Jun 2001 11:41:26


    i am trying to run dhcp and samba from FreeBSD 4.4 box. I have first
set the samba up with my window client with static ip address. and up to
this point, everything is perfect. I could see the freebsd box and other
machine on the network.

     Later i set the dhcp up and try to use the dhcp by rebooting the
window client without static ip and let bsd box to assign ip to me. the
netmask and all setting should be the same with the environment when i
use the static ip. but after i reboot the client window machine, i
couldn't even browse the network, i couldn't see myself and all other
machine from network neighbourhood windows.

    any suggestion why?



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When I try to browse the windows-network at my work, my Fedora 11 laptop
doesn't even see that there is a network. The only way to connect to
shares or printers is by explicitly defining them in the smb-command
(having done that, samba works perfectly).

As far as I know, this is caused by the fact that my /etc/hosts only
contains the following lines:               localhost.localdomain localhost
BEL005W.BrouwerCP.home BEL005W
::1             localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6

I know there also should be a line with the IP-number but since I often
use other networks and I receive the IP-number from DHCP-servers, this
number constantly changes.

Is there a way to update /etc/hosts dynamically with the IP-number that
is given by the DHCP-server?


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