which to try Free,Open,Net bsd

which to try Free,Open,Net bsd

Post by John » Thu, 22 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I am a wanting too try bsd and am new to it which would be the best to start


which to try Free,Open,Net bsd

Post by xo » Thu, 22 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Since you are on a freebsd forum, i can recommend FreeBSD!

gg, xo

+I am a wanting too try bsd and am new to it which would be the best
to start



which to try Free,Open,Net bsd

Post by Christian Anzenberge » Thu, 22 Jun 2000 04:00:00

> I am a wanting too try bsd and am new to it which would be the best to start
> with?

If you are expirienced with sytems like Linux, if you like its
convenient installation and administration tools and if you want to
climb up from there, start with FreeBSD, step up to OpenBSD and finally
reach the top with NetBSD. If you want to learn how to configure a Unix
with just your bare hands and if you like to know each option, what it
does and where it is located, start with NetBSD and step down the
reverse way. If your platform is not a Personalcomputer, your choices
may be limited by the supported platforms.

Have fun. Have success.


1. Wednesday 22 September 1999 (Free|Open|Net)BSD Install Fest at Stevens Institute

FUNY, the New York (Free)* BSD Users of New York, with LUNY acting as
second lead organization, will hold an Install Fest the evening of
Wednesday 22 September 1999 at Stevens Institute in Hoboken, New Jersey.


This Install Fest is free and open to all.

Exact place:
Stevens Institute of Technology
Burchard Building
Room B127

Exact times:
6:30 pm, get together.
7:00 pm sharp, installs begin.

Stevens is located 6 blocks north of the Hoboken Train/PATH Station on
River Street.  The Burchard Building is on the corner of River and 6th
Street, you walk through the park to get there.  From NYC, take the subway
to the nearest PATH station, located at either 33rd, 23rd, 9th,
Christopher, or the World Trade Center.  Take the PATH to Hoboken.
From NJ, take Route 3 to Route 495, get off at the exit before the
Lincoln Tunnel, follow directional signs to Stevens, you can't miss them.

The three free BSDs are direct heirs of the original
Berkeley Software Distribution(s).

Each kernel is specialized, but because of a strong tradition of code
sharing, each also benefits from advances made by the other two.

FreeBSD aims at an IA32 optimized kernel.

OpenBSD aims at security.

NetBSD aims to run on everything.

Today all three OSes are famous for:

1. Strict adherence to standards.

2. Superiority of network code.

3. Satisfying full bodied mouthfeel.

For more information about the free BSDs see:


Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.

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