Problems on ATI Mach 64 & TEAC 6x CDROM(ATAPI) using FreeBSD960501-SNAP

Problems on ATI Mach 64 & TEAC 6x CDROM(ATAPI) using FreeBSD960501-SNAP

Post by Geoffrey » Mon, 27 May 1996 04:00:00

Hello all FreeBSD Users,

I am using ATI Mach 64 and TEAC 6x CDROM(ATAPI) in my Pentium machine,
I have experienced the strange screen at bootup process and not
recognizable CDROM problems.  If you also have encountered such
problems, I advise you please try the new FreeBSD kernel
FreeBSD960501-SNAP.  All problems solved and machine works fine.

Thanks for all FreeBSD developers!

Best regards,
Geoffrey Ng


1. Sony CDROM and ATI MACH 64 problems

   I installed Solaris 2.4 x86 yesterday and encountered 2 problems.
   I would be very grateful to anyone who could suggest a solution or
   point me in the right direction.

   Problem  1:
   I have a Sony 760E (4X, ATAPI IDE) CDROM and used the driver update 6
   to install solaris 2.4. However after installation, I am unable to access
   the CDROM. The volume manager (vold) is running in the background but
   I do not find a /cdrom directory. There is no provision in the
   /vol directory either. The cdrom is attached as a slave to my primary
   IDE controller. Further i killed vold and tried to manually mount the
   cdrom. However I wasn't sure about the location of the special file.
   I basically used all the files in /dev/dsk/*  and /dev/rdsk/*
   i.e i tried all the following mounts in both the dsk and rdsk directories:
    mount -F hsfs -r /dev/dsk/c0dop[0-4] /mnt
    mount -F hsfs -r /dev/dsk/c0d0s[1-15] /mnt

   However i got errors saying that it is not a block device or that the hsfs
   file system is not supported for that device. Am i using the correct
   special file?

   Problem 2:
   I have an ATI Pro Turbo PCI (Mach64) video card and used the driver update 6
   (video) disk to configure openwin. Everything worked out fine but when in
   openwin there seems to be a lot of noise on the screen i.e every
   window seems to be overlapped with another. I had the same problem when
   I ran Linux using XFree86 (R6) but by disabling "block write" in the
   XF86Config file this problem was solved. There seems to be a similar file
   in openwin called OWconfig, so is there a way to disable block write or
   any other solution (BTW i am running at 1024x768 8bpp).

   Again, thanks-a-lot for any help,


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