TekRam DC-390U2 controller and FBSD 4.0

TekRam DC-390U2 controller and FBSD 4.0

Post by Ron Boli » Mon, 10 Jul 2000 04:00:00

I see that the TekRam DC-390U/W  SCSI cards are on the HCL.

Is anyone using the DC-390U2 controller on FBSD 4.0. I'd
like to verify this before I make a purchase.

Thanks in advance.



1. Does FBSD support Tekram DC-390U2W SCSI controller?

23-Apr-99 (9:40 PM)

I am considering the purchase of a Tekram DC-390U2W Ultra2 SCSI card.  It has
Symbios 53c895 and 53c141 chips on the card.  The 53c895 appears to be the
Ultra2 controller chip, and I don't have a clue what a 53c141 chip does.

The specs can be found at:

The FreeBSD 3.1 release notes mention the Symbios 53c895 chip, and the Tekram
DC390W, 390U and 390F controllers.  No mention is made of the 53c141 chip.

Is the DC-390U2W card supported under FreeBSD 3.1?  If not, will it be
supported under FreeBSD 3.2 or 4.0?

If any one is using it, has it been a good card or troublesome (i.e. would you
buy it again or would you go with Adaptec and/or Mylex and/or Buslogic)?

Larry A. Smith
Beaverton, OR

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