SCO Binaries

SCO Binaries

Post by p.k.jai » Thu, 29 Jul 1999 04:00:00

      I have installed Freebsd Unix 2.2.5-PREREL (GENERIC) recently from
Unix Unleashed Book.
I have a accounts software running under MS-Cobol under SCO Unix. I would
like to install  and execute the same under Freebsd. I would like to know
how I can go about it?
Thanks for the help,

1. SCO binary execution

Hi Folks

I was under the impression that Linux could run SCO binaries out-of
the box. However I've got some SCO binaries I'm trying to run and I
can't get 'em to go. The only mention I've found about SCO in the HOWTOs
was that Linux is (apparently) iBCS compatible.

Anyway here's what 'file' has to say about the binary:

'creatdb' is part of the UNIFY RDBMS package. The tape is really old
(we haven't upgraded this for a long time) but I think the executables
should still execute, even if they are covered in dust...

Any help would be much appreciated. I don't want them to take Linux
off me and replace it with SCO!!!

Mail replies would be appreciated, I'm going away for a week and
postings might get expired before I get back.


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