Boot0 Problem

Boot0 Problem

Post by Richard Cale » Wed, 07 Mar 2001 19:41:32

I ams still having problems booting becasue boot0 doesn't seem to
realise there is a BSF partition to list as an option, I just jump
directly into the loader which is very confused.

Can someone tell me, or point me at something which describes, how
boot0 recognises partitions it should list as boot options?




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I was working on a sco unix box 2 days ago and it got messed up somehow ...
I halted the system and tried to reboot it ... now it comes up with the
error in the subject line
boot0: Error 80 ... I have not been able to find out what the error means
or how to fix the problem.... I am currently assuming that the hard drive
has an error on sector 0
this error message happens before I get the boot:

I can boot off of floppy, I tried recovering lots of boot files from a
backup and still no luck...
I looked through the troubleshooting sections of the SCO manuals ... and
no mention of boot0 problems...
I have tried the normal things like doing an fsck, and checking for bad

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