Support for SiI3112A RAID

Support for SiI3112A RAID

Post by Jin Mazumda » Thu, 23 Jan 2003 14:00:25

I just purchased a ABIT motherboard with SiI3112A RAID controller.  Is
this controller supported?  Would like to hear from anyone who has got
this working.




1. RAID support for Gateway-supplied RAID controller?

I'm looking at the possibility of switching our news server (currently
an older Alpha with little disk space - in comparison to whats needed

One possibility is a server from Gateway, which I'd like to run FreeBSD

Does FreeBSD have support, or is support planned, for the RAID
controllers supplied by Gateway? All it lists is "XMb 3 Channel ADAC
RAID Card".

Would ccd work nearly as well?

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