FreeBSD boot loader and SCSI

FreeBSD boot loader and SCSI

Post by Andy » Fri, 12 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I'm having no successes in install FreeBSD on my new system.  I have two
9.1 GB USCSI drives attached to a Buslogic BT958 controller.  These are
the only two hard drives in the system, IDE is turned off.  SCSI ID 1 (the
first drive) is dedicated to Win98 with a 50 MB FAT16 partition as C: and
8.9 GB as FAT32 D:.  I installed FreeBSD 3.0 onto SCSI ID 2 (the 2nd
drive) and just took all of the automatic defaults.  Regardless of where I
put the boot manager, I can't get BSD to boot.  I've tried installing
System Commander 3.02 which sees the BSD partition, but can't boot it.
I've tried OSBS, and using Bootinst.exe boot.bin, which give me the choice
of BSD or Dos, but can't boot BSD.  The Dos partition works fine with any
of the three boot managers.  I've tried booting off of the floppy, and
typing 1:da(0,a)boot which does nothing.
        I've scoured the FreeBSD usenet archive, dejanews, and pretty much
every link off of a "boot manager + freebsd" search on Google.  
        Does anyone have any hints? tia.

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