Adaptec 2940AU problems

Adaptec 2940AU problems

Post by Steve Room » Fri, 25 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I've got an Adaptec 2940AU which doesn't seem to want to work with

It's all a bit strange because I am pretty certain everything is set
up correctly (hardware wise)..

The boot floppy (2.1.5) just fails to notice anything other than
Adaptec pci0:9 device 0xsomethingorother.
(i.e. It just can't find any discs attached to it =( )

So I pulled a preinstalled disc out of another machine and plugged
into the card.. Now this gets right through most of the bootup until...

->>> changing root device to sd0a
->>> panic: cannot mount root

Mmmmm, well, seems odd to me ??
I heard someone say that it works under one of the more recent
2.2 snaps, and if so then can someone be so kind as to tell me
how to get it working (without getting the snap, which I can't
do on this modem line, but I can download kernel source though)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

        Steve Confused.


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12x IDE CD-ROM drive hooked to the M/B. Does the standard 2940 boot disk
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