apache, php3, jserv install question

apache, php3, jserv install question

Post by anon5.. » Mon, 10 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I am new to this, so please bear with my ignorance.

I am building apache13-php3 with jserv, using the following
files/versions (FreeBSD 3.4-RELEASE) :


When I do a jserv make install, using a shared
option, it does not copy the libjserv.so library
in the /usr/local/etc/apache/jserv directory.

Also, why do I have to activate module
libjserv.a (instead of libjserv.so).

Finally, I don't have a
which is what the
activate module line for jserv wants as follows:


How does one fit all this together ?

Your response will be appreciated.

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1. Installing php3 and jserv with apache

Here is how I installed php3 and jserv with Apache 1.3.9 as a STATIC

1. If the jdk isn't installed, install it.
 I installed the jdk1.1.8 in /usr/local/jdk1.1.8 and set up the environment
variables , JDK_HOME and JAVA_HOME

2. Install the JSDK 2.0
 The docs specifically say that the version I used will only work with the
JSDK2.0. I installed that in /usr/local/JSDK2.0

3. Download apache_1.3.9.tar.gz, ApacheJServ-1.1.tar.gz  and
php-3.0.12.tar.gz from their respective sources and install them in the same
temporary directory.  Make sure their is plenty of disk space.

4. Compile apache_1.3.9 and php3:

 a. tar xvzf apache_1.3.9.tar.gz
 b. tar xvzf php-3.0.12.tar.gz
 c. cd apache_1.3.9
 d. ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/apache
 e. make
 f. make install
 g. cd ../php-3.0.12
 h. ./configure \
   --with-mysql \
   --with-apache=../apache_1.3.9 \
 i. make
 j. make install

5. Compile ApacheJServ:
 This requires GNU make.  I had to do a little juggling here.  I made a
backup of make and then made a link to gmake in its place in order to do the
following.  Once I was done I removed the link and restored the old make

 a. tar xvzf ApacheJServ-1.1.tar.gz
 b. cd ApacheJServ-1.1
 c. ./configure \
  --prefix=/usr/local/jserv \
  --with-apache-src=../apache_1.3.9 \
  --with-JSDK=/usr/local/JSDK2.0/lib/jsdk.jar \
 d. make
 e. make install
 f. remove ln to gmake and restore old make program.

6. Compile Apache:
 I had to compile apache again to enable all my modules.

 a. cd ../apache_1.3.9
 b. ./configure \
  --prefix=/usr/local/apache \
  --activate-module=src/modules/jserv/libjserv.a \
 c. make
 d. make install

7. Check to see if modules were installed, start apache and run IsItWorking

 a. /usr/local/bin/apache -l
 b. /usr/local/bin/apachectl start
 c. lynx http://www.yoururlhere.com/servlets/IsItWorking

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