Problem installing modem

Problem installing modem

Post by dac » Tue, 04 Dec 2001 09:22:17

I recently installed FreeBSD 4.3 without problems.
While installing, I configured PPP access and it worked fine (I think)
At least the modem worked. It's an old GVC 14.4 Kbps (internal)
The thing is that after installing, I can't seem to use my modem...
I checked sio1 (my modem is installed in COM2) to check IRQ, IO, etc
and everything is fine. (I don't have /dev/sio1 entry it
Also, sending AT commands to /dev/cuaa1 doesn't work either...
Running ppp in terminal mode the problem is with the
modem configuration...
Where should I look? I read the handbook and some links but couldn't
find the answer...

BTW the modem works fine with Linux & Windows...


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1. Problem Installing Modem with RedHat 6.0

I am trying to get my ISA PnP modem (Supra 288i Sp) to work with RedHat
Linux 6.0.  The modem worked fine with RedHat 5.1.  I set the IO to
0x03e8 and IRQ to 7 in isapnp.conf.  I made sure there were not
conflicts with other interrupts and io points by checking
/proc/interrupts and /proc/iopoints.  When I run "isapnp isapnp.conf", I
get the following message.

Board 1 has Identity 4f 00 00 5b 9b 40 14 b0 4e:  SUP1440 Serial No
23451 [checksum 4f]
Board 2 has Identity e5 ff ff ff ff 70 00 8c 0e:  CTL0070 Serial No -1
[checksum e5]
isapnp.conf:49 -- Fatal - resource conflict allocating 8 bytes of IO at
3E8 (see isapnp.conf) isapnp.conf:49 -- Fatal - Error occurred executing
request '<IORESCHECK> ' --- further action aborted

Board 1 is my modem.  I tried using other iopoints and IRQ, but I always
get the same error.  I generated isapnp.conf with pnpdump and I am able
to install my sound card with no problems.  The modem is installed on
COM3 under Windows.  Can anyone please help me.  Thanks

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