ppp/multilink/dial-on-demand/dhcp from NT ras server

ppp/multilink/dial-on-demand/dhcp from NT ras server

Post by John Morgan Salom » Wed, 03 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Hey there,

I was wondering if anyone has ever done this?  i.e. have a FreeBSD
box, with a statically-addressed NIC on one side, two or more modems
on the other, which gets dhcp addresses from an NT ras server whenever
someone tries to connect to an unknown address from the lan side?

I imagine that this will take a combination of ipfwadm, ppp, and dhclient;
I already have ppp talking to the ras server using MD5/chap, dhclient
seems to be working for the network card, but I'm hoping someone is willing
to share their experiences with me if they've done this previously.



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