Upgrade NATd from FBSD2.2.8 to newer ver

Upgrade NATd from FBSD2.2.8 to newer ver

Post by ynop » Sun, 27 Jun 1999 04:00:00

i would like to upgrade my natd from a old fbsd2.2.8 install.
i read through the man and it seem as thought nat on 2.2.8 did not have
the fwd command(which i would like).

is it posible for my to just cvs the nat source compile it and install
it on my old 2.2.8 box.  this seem highly unlikely seeing that many
things have changed.  

What is the easyest way of doing this.  althought my main 3.1 box runns
great .. i have been puting off upgrading my 2.2.8 box for obvious

well thanks for the input and all..

*     YNOP



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