How to connect to an FTP through an FTP-Proxy.

How to connect to an FTP through an FTP-Proxy.

Post by Oliver Bank » Sat, 10 Jul 1999 04:00:00


i am running FreeBSD 3.2.
I need to connect to external FTP Servers

with PASV mode. How can I do that at the console ?
I want to know that because I want to be able to
let him fetch files automatically if I am installing a port.
Can anyone help me ?

Oliver Bankel alias Grand Moobiey alias G_Moobiey


1. How to set up ftp-proxy for connexions to a NATed FTP server on OBSD 2.9 ?

Hello all,

I have setup a FTP server which stands behind an OBSD box which serves as
firewall AND NAT.

I am able to connect to the server from outside the LAN through the OBSD
box. But I'm am not able to get listings of directory nor transfer of
data though I can change directories.

When I try to get a listing of directories, I get a message that says
that connection was refused on port XXXXX, the numer of the port being
usually a high number in the tens of thousands.

So I understand that it is necessary to setup the ftp-proxy. Someone has
given me a link to an article
which says how to do it but for OBSD 3.0 !

I am using OBSD 2.9 so my question is whether the steps to setup
ftp-proxy in OBSD 3.0 are the same and if not what are the differences ?

Thanks in advance.

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