Securelevel Question

Securelevel Question

Post by Jean Delane » Wed, 31 Mar 1999 04:00:00


When I try to run the kernel at securelevel 0 or more on FreeBSD
3.1-STABLE I can not run XFree86,

even as root.

The error messages is: xf86OpenConsol: KDENABIO failed (Operation not

Is this normal or is it possible to run XFree86 at anything other than
level -1.

Thank You.


1. securelevel & chflags question.

hi all,

   I read the manpages ofchflags, but i still donot understand
what is the meaning of archived & opaque flags. Can anyone explaint to me?
The manpages of init, securelevel 2 is "same as secure mode,
plus disks may not be opened for writing (except by mount) whether mounted
or not. ".  but i still donot understand it. anyone can help me?


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