How to record sound in FreeBSD

How to record sound in FreeBSD

Post by Joe » Tue, 06 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Hi, friends:

     How to record sound in FreeBSD ?
     Please  recommend a text mode tool and X window tool to me ? Thank you
   ( p.s. I  have already  installed sound blaster and  it can output voice)

         Joe 2000/6/5
         National Taiwan University


1. Recording Sound, FreeBSD style (Ensoniq AudioPCI)

Hi. I am using an Ensoniq AudioPCI card, which I have configured in the kernel
as simply
device pcm
and it has worked as I can play music, I can pipe .au files through audio, in
fact all of the /dev files associated with sound were built except /dev/midi
which I assume is because there is no midi in or out on this card. However I
can't seem to make the gnome sound recorder record anything, and I'm not even
sure what device file is associated with the mic in or line in ports. Does
anyone have any experience with this which they could lend me. Thanks,
                                                            The Fifth Ramone

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